At RTD, we leverage AI-driven algorithms using our digital platform, mamojobs, that reach a vast pool of potential candidates actively seeking skilled worker opportunities, and deep industry connections, to source top-tier talent for blue-collar positions across various industries.

Through meticulous screening and thorough vetting processes, we ensure that each candidate we recruit possesses the skills, experience, and dedication necessary to excel in their respective roles.

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Our comprehensive training programs at mamojobs are designed to empower candidates with the practical skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the modern workforce. We offer customized training modules tailored to the specific requirements of each industry, covering essential topics such as technical proficiency, safety protocols, and soft skills development.

By incorporating hands-on learning experiences and real-world simulations, we prepare candidates to tackle challenges head-on and deliver exceptional performance from day one.

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mamojobs excels in efficiently deploying qualified candidates to fill skilled-work positions, seamlessly matching their skills and capabilities with the needs of our clients. Leveraging our extensive network and streamlined processes, we facilitate smooth transitions for candidates into their new roles, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity for businesses.

Our agile deployment approach allows us to adapt quickly to changing demands, providing our clients with the flexibility and scalability they need to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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Our platform specializes in sourcing exceptional candidates across a spectrum of industries, including healthcare, maintenance, and manufacturing. With our seamless recruitment process, you can efficiently connect with skilled professionals who align with your company’s needs and culture.